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Ratna Mufida (b. 1979, Kediri) is an arts management expert living in Yogyakarta. She is one of the co-founders of Hyphen — and the operational manager of the Equator Symposium (Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation, 2012-2022). Beforehand, she was heavily involved in a number of art events in Yogyakarta such as Biennale Jogja, ART|JOG, Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Arts Festival); and Ngayogjazz. Standing in the management side of the arts demanded her to connect to things, and people, from other fields of discipline. This has shaped has shaped her curiosity toward sociological and historical aspect of Indonesian contemporary art practice. She pursues the paths of her curiosity by doing research and archival works together with Indonesian Visual Art Archive, Hyphen — and SKRIPTA. She is reachable via ratnamufida(at)yahoo(dot)com

Pitra Hutomo (b. Jakarta, 1984) was the archivist for Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA). The organization has fostered her insight, and encouraged her to study Indonesian art through written and visual records. Post her 10+ years work in Indonesian Visual Art Archive (IVAA), Pitra attempts to function as a community organizer in its true sense. It is a whole new dimension since she left a decade ago to pursue her dreams in a job that pays. Realizing she is not that fortunate to experience both at the same time, she had to choose a non-career path to discover the peace within. Pitra is fluent in system development and does database consultancy. At the moment, she is keeping up with Hyphen’s confident pace mostly set up by her two best friends. She is reachable through isdp(at)riseup(dot)net

Grace Samboh (b. Jakarta, 1984) is in search of what comprises a curatorial work within her surrounding scene. She jigs within the existing elements of the arts scene around her for she considers the claim that Indonesia is lacking art infrastructure especially the state-owned or state run as something outdated. Her recent research looks at contemporary practices outside the existing centers of Indonesian art scene and slowly reconnect them all with the past and central narratives. She believes that curating is about understanding and making at the same time. With Hyphen, her concern is to encourage Indonesian arts and artistic research projects and publications. She is currently working in between Medan, North Sumatra; and Yogyakarta. She’s logs her writings at sambohgrace.wordpress.com and is available at sambohgrace(at)gmail(dot)com




From May 2013 to May 2014, Amarawati Ayuningtyas interned in our office. She was responsible for several database projects (Agus Suwage’s collection, Maryanto’s works and Handiwirman Saputra’s works) and was the interviewer for 3 Karya (Hyphen’s ongoing research on Indonesian artworks history from the perspective of its practitioners).