Danarto – timeline


Born in Mojowetan, Sragen, Central Java

Mother is Siti Aminah, a smalltime batik merchant. Father is Jakio Harjodinomo, a foreman in Mojo Sugar Factory.

SR Sragen

Elementary school.


SMP Nasional Sragen

Junior high school.


SMK Margoyudan

A vocational high school in Solo, majoring in Literature. He left after 28 days.

Akademi Seni Rupa Indonesia (ASRI)

Continued his vocational high school and eventually his diploma, majoring in painting, at Indonesia Fine Art Academy, Yogyakarta, until 1961.

Si Kuntjung

In his junior high school days, his very first short story was published in Si Kuntjung, children’s magazine. He then continued working as their illustrator until 1962.



Joined Sanggarbambu (Bamboo Monastery) with Sunarto PR, Mulyadi W., Syahwil, Handogo, Wardoyo, on April 1st. In 1964, the studio separated into two parts: Sanggarbambu ’59 & Sanggarbambu.


Lahirnya Gatotkaca (The birth of Gatotkaca, 1960)

Danarto acted as artistic director for “Lahirnya Gatotkaca” (originally spelled as Lahirnja Gatotkatja, translated as the Birth of Gatotkaca), a film written and directed by D Djajakusuma as an adaptation of a wayang (shadow puppet) play.

The film is available online as public domain on https://archive.org/details/lahirnja-gatotkatja-1960 and https://youtu.be/mqJDdo4od-w


Indonesia Floating Fair

Participated in a national arts and culture venture on a yacht that travels around the Pacific and Latin America.

Excerpted from Jennifer Lindsay, who was paraphrasing Edi Sedyowati (1961): The rehearsal periods were shorter and more streamlined as experienced artists shared their skills with new recruits. Yet the fact that the missions were now easier to send abroad does not in itself explain the volume of Indonesia’s official cultural missions at this time, or the imaginative scale of grandiose tours like the 1960-1961 Floating Fair. That took will.

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